Beautifully rich amethyst gemstones wrapped in recycled sterling silver with a hint of smoky oxides. Amethyst relates to the crown chakra which embodies our connection to the spiritual world or realms beyond what are physically apparent to us.


Located on the top of the head, it is represented by the colours violet, white and pearl. When we have a healthy crown chakra we are able to find joy in the simple pleasures of this life. We have a sense of connection and alignment within ourselves, and of being connected with others and a sense of being at one with the world.  


A moon is cut out of the reverse of both earrings letting more light shine through the gems.

Features the Luminous LMNS Makers mark.


Item Details
- 100% recycled Sterling Silver
- Two oval amethysts
- 2cm drop length


Luminous Design Store offers high-quality original organic designs handmade from 100% recycled metals. Our pieces are thoughtfully presented to delight customers and ensure the safety of the piece using eco-friendly packaging materials.


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Crown chakra: Sterling Silver and Amethyst Moon drops