Luminous jewels are self-care made wearable

Picture this. You’re on a lunch break - yes, you’ve left the computer to eat in the sun and fresh air, your shoes are off and your toes curling in the cool grass.

The morning was intense, draining. But now you're out in fresh air and sunshine. Letting the tension run out of your body into the ground. Holding your Luminous jewel in your hands, appreciating its beauty, then just focusing on slowly breathing in, holding for a count, and releasing your breath as you run a fingertip over the pattern of gold discs on the pendant's reverse.

This small and simple act slows your racing heart, your racing mind. It helps calm you and brings you back to the present, into your senses.

You open your eyes and begin to eat slowly with an increased appreciation for the beauty around you, for the gift of being alive. In a little while you realise there’s a way to resolve that work challenge; maybe you text someone you’ve been meaning to contact for a while now, and head back inside feeling refreshed, refocused, and ready for whatever’s next.

If you’re anything like I have been, there’s a range of things you know you should be doing to take better care of yourself. From drinking more water, to being more present more often, to actually listening to your intuition, to list just a few things.

Keeping consistent with these ‘little things’ can be a real challenge because people like you and I find it waaaaaay too easy to put our needs last.

We know how important micro habits are - they are small but mighty - and underpin almost all achievement, happiness, satisfaction.

And when someone commits to doing just one minute of meditation or dance, chances are they may end up doing five, ten or even twenty minutes, because often the hardest part is just getting started!

Phone reminders and calendar pop ups don’t cut through though. They typically arrive when we’re already doing something else, and it’s too easy to dismiss those buzzing interruptions and tell yourself you’ll do it later. But later doesn’t always come and it gets easier and easier to ignore them until achieving even the simplest goals can start to feel beyond your reach.

You might even start to feel doubtful and hopeless like you will just never be ‘that kind of person’.

But you’re not broken or defective, you can become a person who builds strong positive habits. You just need to entice your inner mind, allure it into action willingly, rather than beating it over the head with more pressure and obligation, which you and I already get enough of! (Yes?!)

Your Luminous self-care jewel is an invitation to small consistent actions that lead to big changes.

They are designed around key intentions and the Chakra system so that all our human needs are taken into account, from core physical health to emotional connection through to our need for spiritual meaning.

You don’t have to believe that Chakras have magical powers though - it's my view that it’s our own minds that create the positive change. If the stone is helping too then bring it on!

The jewel that is meant for you will call to you - from the first moment you lock eyes on it, to reading the inspiration behind its design - and you’ll be attracted to whatever you most need support with at that time.

While unboxing your piece, you’ll be invited to co-create a personalised ritual that establishes and strengthen the connection between the jewel, your inner mind, and what it is you want to bring more of into your life. And then the sweet stuff begins.

From the moment you put your Luminous jewel on in the morning, you will be reminded that you are invested in taking care of yourself. You will develop a compelling desire to achieve your goals. You move towards them regularly without the drama, guilt or recriminations if you miss a day or two. You’ll find it easy to make the time for yourself because you’ll remember you’re a person worth investing in, you grow to love taking care of yourself. You see how taking care of yourself helps your whole life, including how well you care for others.

Every time someone comments on your beautiful jewel your inner mind will remember that you have chosen to honour yourself and your needs because you deserve to be taken care of, how you are in the world matters, and you take responsibility for your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

And every time you do your simple self-care rituals, whether it's getting outside for fresh air, or drinking a long slow glass of water, the quicker your inner mind finds its way back to a calm and capable state.

With your Luminous jewel as a catalyst, you will begin to create a positive feedback loop that leads to even more positive habits.

And you will feel so good about yourself because you remember that you are that kind of person, you always have been, you just needed the right kind of support.

If you're ready to find the jewel meant for you, here's three ways I can help:

1- keep reading the blog to get a sense of which energy centre to focus on first;

2 - see if your jewel is waiting for you here

3 - if you would like to explore a custom design email me at and I'll send you the Custom Design Kit.

I have overcome some of my deepest unhelpful habits and you can too.



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