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5 ways to rebalance the Throat Chakra

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Struggling to speak well? Feel like you're talking to a brick wall, or that people just don't 'get' you?

These may be signs that focusing on your Throat chakra might be a good idea.

This energy centre is the home of inspiration, expression and communication and when it's not working well, communication can break down.

It is the fifth chakra in the system, represented by light blue, and located on the front and centre of your neck. It's associated with the thyroid gland; ears; teeth gums and jaw, and sinuses.

The element associated with this chakra is 'Ether', or the 'negative' space in between solid things. It governs your ability not only to speak your truth honestly but to understand your needs and wants, and be able to communicate them.

We misapprehend our inner truth when this chakra is not functioning well, and expressing our views becomes difficult. We may also find it hard to really hear others in this situation. As a result, if a blockage develops in this area over time you may become frustrated; passive/aggressive, and tempted to withdraw from people and social situations.

On the other hand, when there is too much energy flowing here, it shows itself through excessive talking, gossiping, poor listening skills, dishonesty, and shyness.

Physical symptoms associated with Throat chakra problems include tonsilitis; asthma; frequent earaches; thyroid and hormonal imbalances. Psychologically you may experience fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed, or anxiety that you will inadvertently offend people you care about through poor communication.

Not to worry though - there are plenty of things we can do to restore balance to this part of our system and I may be biased, but I happen to think they're pretty fun things to do!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the key ways to clear Throat chakra issues is through the use of your voice...

Singing - or humming if you prefer - is a fantastic way to bring your attention to this part of yourself, to simply get things moving again, to regulate an excessive flow of energy. Start with singing lower notes then move onto patterns that lift up to higher notes and back down again. Practice singing quietly and, when your voice is warmed up, make strong loud sounds without judging what it sounds like. Open your mouth and throat wide, and allow whatever sounds your body and heart wish to make to come out clearly. Aim to feel the vibrations of your voice all the way down your trunk to your lower belly, just like a Prima donna! If you want more help here, there are plenty of clips you Youtube about singing for beginners... no audience necessary :)

Affirmations are always useful but have a particular resonance for issues of the Throat chakra. They set you in a positive frame of mind about your expression and communication include things like:

  • I understand and am understood by others

  • I release all fears around speaking my truth

  • I communicate with my whole being

  • My words are pure and they flow easily from me

  • I set clear boundaries

  • I listen to others using my whole being

If, when you're stating affirmations, you notice internal objections arising, this may be a clue that you have a mental block around this issue. For example, if saying "I release all fears around speaking my truth" evokes a sense of fear perhaps you need to confront the feeling and ask yourself why you feel fearful about being honest. What are you afraid will happen? What would be the worst thing that happens if you were totally honest? When did you first start feeling this way? Whatever comes up for you, acknowledge it, forgive and accept yourself for how you've handled this issue so far, and the person or people who caused that block to come about (if that is relevant), and let it go so you can move beyond this fear. As you work through these objections they will tend to fade away over time, and as you practice living what you want to affirm your 'muscles' will grow stronger.

Get the blues - surround yourself with light and sky blue colours to inspire cool rational thought and clear communication. Key blue crystals that are symbolic of a beautiful healthy flowing Throat chakra include Aquamarine; Larimar; Chrysocolla; Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Apatite, and blue Labradorite. Symbolism is important - it helps us to remain mindful and focused on what we're trying to improve, and inspired to continue doing the positive work of growth and development.

Journalling - sometimes if you've been blocked in this area for a long time you may have forgotten what your true personal feelings are! Writing can help to jump-start the process of getting back in touch with what you really think, need and want out of life. Allow your thoughts to pour out of you without stopping or editing, this is called stream of consciousness writing, and even if you write ridiculous things - or even just draw wiggles! - it's about not holding back until you start to express the things that have remained unrecognised and unsaid. This exercise can be surprisingly powerful...

Eating mindfully. The inability to express our true feelings can manifest in unhealthy eating habits. Mindless eating - whether eating too much, not enough, eating junk food in front of the TV or otherwise not having an adequate supply of nutrition clearly contributes to ill-health throughout the body. Slowing down to thoughtfully nourish your body with a balanced diet of quality food will be especially useful to the Throat chakra. Whatever your eating preferences are, slow down and sit down to eat; chew your food thoroughly - like 25 times each mouthful - and aim to 'eat the rainbow'! As all good naturopaths will say these colours are where all the good nutrients hang out - there's a biological reason why they look so pleasing to the eye:

So there we have it. Five doable and fresh ways to repair your communication mojo by rebalancing your Throat chakra. Which of these ideas appeals most to you?

For me, it's singing along to my favourite emotive songs in the shower - it's so cathartic and cleansing. I hope you find this useful and enjoy giving your Throat chakra some love, let me know how you go!


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