3 ways to get your creative juices flowing

Have you ever gone through a phase where you've just felt like your creativity dried up? Where you felt emotionally numb and disconnected from the pleasures you would usually enjoy?

If you've experienced this in the past - or you're feeling it now - it could be useful to pay attention to your Navel chakra.

When life chips away at your energy levels or big events shake up our comfortable routine (hello COVID19) it can impact our flow in this area, and leave us feeling 'dry', empty or blocked up.

The key concept behind the Navel energy centre is our ability 'to feel' - it is the seat of our emotions, sexuality, intimacy and creativity. It is located in the pelvis and associated with reproductive organs, the element Water, and our sense of taste. It is represented by the colour orange, and gems like Carnelian, Coral, Amber and peach Moonstone represent healing to this area.

When your Navel chakra is 'flowing well' you will be able to experience feelings of joy, playfulness, creativity, and be adaptive to change. You will enjoy giving and receiving different types of pleasure, you'll be able to feel your own feelings, and experience intimacy with others. Genital and reproductive health will also be vital.

However if your Navel Chakra is under active - that is there's not enough energy flow or life force happening in this area of your life - you may feel negative things associated with sex and desire - feeling jealous, unwanted and unattractive; have a low libido; be afraid of intimacy and being truly 'seen', or feeling sexual guilt shame and frustration. You may feel disconnected from your creativity or isolated from other people.

If your Navel is overactive - that is you're overcompensating here - you may be overly emotional, fixated on sex, hedonistic or manipulative.

In both cases, physical symptoms such as lower back pain; issues with your spleen or kidneys, reproductive health or uro-genital issues may be experienced.

Is any of this hitting home for you?

If you've had or have pain around those core emotional sexual and creative needs being frustrated, for example you grew up in a family that invalidated your emotions (and their own!), or you were encouraged by religion to suppress your creative or sexual self-expression, it may be that you have emotions (energy in motion) trapped in your body that comes out in other ways.

Happily, there are plenty of things that can help restore a healthy flow in this area, and you don't have to have a partner to help you out with it ;)

1. Begin paying attention to and creating space for your own feelings.

What we suppress, grows and gets distorted. Many people suppress their feelings so hard and for so long that they don't consciously know how they feel about important things anymore! This can lead to a lot of unhappiness.

You don't necessarily have to act on your feelings, they do come and go, but it is important to allow yourself to feel them without brushing them away, talking yourself out of them, or judging yourself harshly. Just let it be what it is, and if you can do this you'll gradually find the emotional intensity diminishes naturally. On the other hand - you might find that you have an important message bubbling up that you need to pay attention to and act on.

2. Express your creativity and sensuality.

Our amazing bodies are designed to reproduce and to create. The desire to experience sensual pleasure and express ourselves through art in its many forms is perfectly natural and an important way in which we manifest the divine into human existence.

Whether it's taking up a belly dancing class or listening to music that moves you and freeform dancing from your soul; wearing sensual fabrics like silk scarves, enjoying a relaxing massage or enjoying physical and spiritual intimacy by yourself or with another person, it's hugely important to express this side of ourselves. Creative and sexual energy is a huge aspect of our healthy life force as humans and locking that away leads to lives half lived!

3. Inspire yourself into self-care with colours, essential oils and crystals.

Sometimes the things that can help with chakra imbalances are things you are initially repelled by. For example, when I was experiencing Navel issues I did not enjoy orange as a colour. But orange is a gently warming colour associated with optimism and confident interactions with others. I found that as I grew healthier in this area I came to really like orange, and you might too if you don't already :) Neroli and Geranium essential oils are also sweet sensual notes that speak to this chakra.

Crystals like Carnelian, Amber and peach Moonstone can be a beautiful way to bring different shades of orange into your daily life, inspiring you to prioritise caring for your Navel energy.

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Similarly, Ylang ylang is a strong sweet scent that speaks deeply to the Navel chakra. It's emotional action is to open you up and encourage sensual self-expression. If you are experiencing Navel chakra issues - especially blockages - you may find it a bit too much! Gently exposing yourself to it in small amounts mixed with another oil like sweet orange or sandalwood will help restore music and flow to your creative soul. Alternatively, Neroli and Geranium essential oils are also sweet sensual notes that speak to this chakra.

As always, action is everything... if we don't act on what we know, we might as well know nothing. But these are all very doable things so if you read this far and think your Navel needs some love, I challenge you - pick one or two of these ideas and build them into your daily routine. Let me know how you go :)

Much love,


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