3 fresh and easy ways to use essential oils

What if you had a gentle magic that healed the body and restored the heart and mind, delighted the senses and attracted compliments while repelling germs and insects? You’d probably carry it everywhere?

Well chances are you have some of this magic laying around in the form of some essential oils, but perhaps they haven’t seen much action lately. Or maybe you’re new to aromatics? If you need some inspiration to dust off your collection or help to start one, then read on.

In this post I’ll explain why essential oils are great for self care especially if you’re busy; what they could possibly have to do with jewellery (!) plus three fresh easy ways to use oils daily.

Essential oils have long been prized as luxury items and aids to health and spirituality. In the past they were accessible mainly to rich folk but now there are now many different brands, blends and potencies sold at affordable prices.

Essential oils can also help with psychological and emotional healing but this seems to be less well understood. I am not an organic chemist and cannot explain how it works, but my personal experience is as well as clearly helping the physical body, essentials are deeply comforting and healing to mental and emotional states. Opening your stash and savouring them is something of a ritual, a small ceremony. But you don’t have to do anything or be in a special state, you just need to smell the gorgeous aromas and let them do their work.

3 fresh and easy ways to use essential oils

Most of us know about mixing oil blends in carrier oils or evaporating them in a vaporiser, but here’s three fresh ideas for getting the most out of your gentle medicines with zero fuss.

#1 Use essentials in the shower. Sprinkle a few drops on the bottom of the shower - the heat and steam will act like a person-sized vaporiser sending molecules of essential oil straight into your system via the nose and lungs. In the morning use something invigorating like Rosemary or Lemon. To wind down at night, try one or two drops of lavender, geranium or, my favourite, sandalwood. Just remember, less is more - they are potent concentrates. Use only essentials not massage blends, so you don’t make your shower floor slippery.

# 2. Use a diffuser in your car. Why not use your commute time to good effect? You could place a few drops of oil on a tissue or cotton ball placed somewhere discrete, or use oils in a spritzer and refresh the air in the car. My favourite option is a portable mini diffuser that clips onto an air vent. Exchange different colours of felt pad for different essential oils or combinations. The heater or air conditioner makes this even more effective! I found mine for $22 AUD at Australian company Essentially Oil'd. Store your essential oil bottle in your handbag rather than the car as they degrade in heat or sunlight.

< Car diffusers available at essentiallyoildaustralia.com

#3. Wear oils in your jewellery! I'm incorporating my long love of oils with my love of jewellery and creating aromatherapy collections. I find that putting oil onto a lava bead means I smell it all day, whereas if I put that drop onto my skin it would still be absorbed by my body quite quickly. I wear my golden lava bead Aromatica earrings to work with a fresh drop of something energising like bergamot, and enjoy the scent throughout the whole day.

Browse the Aromatica Collection here

So there you have it, my reader, an overview of why essential oils are a great help especially if you’re time poor; why you should get your collection out - or start one - plus three fresh ways of using them in daily life. I hope this has inspired you to uncap some bottles, sit back, relax and let them get to work. Next time I’ll offer some tips for starting or revitalising your collection.

Until then,

Sandy x

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