3 beautiful ways to rebalance your Solar Plexus chakra

Have you ever been winded, or experienced a shock that made you feel sick to your guts? Say hello to your Solar Plexus chakra!

This chakra is located in the middle of your torso; your physical centre of gravity. When you take a hit to your Solar Plexus, either literally or in an energetic sense, it can shake you to your core because this is where personal power lives in the body.

The third primary chakra in the system, it is associated with the colours yellow and gold and linked to your sense of sight. Its main focus is around power and identity - so mental power; willpower; motivation; desire for independence and autonomy in the world, and your self-esteem. The Solar Plexus seeks to Act.

When this centre is in balance you experience mental clarity, a sense of purpose, and drive to create a legacy. You’ll have a strong sense of knowing what is needed to achieve your version of success, and confidence in being able to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

(Do you dislike yellow? Disliking a particular colour can be a sign that the corresponding chakra is disturbed.)

At the same time, the Solar Plexus is susceptible to imbalance through unpleasant social situations, real or perceived failures if they’re not properly framed as learning opportunities, and may be disturbed by old feelings of low self-esteem stemming from childhood or teenage years.

To take a step back, chakras may be blocked or sluggish or they may be overactive. In each case different symptoms emerge.

When your Solar Plexus chakra is blocked or sluggish you may display codependent behaviours; irresponsibility, lack of drive, poor short-term memory, and a fragile sense of self-worth which may come across as arrogance. You may suffer physically from asthma, ulcers or poor digestion. In this case, the chakra requires stimulation.

When overactive, we may become overly driven and aggressive; power-hungry, or addicted to sedatives and stimulants. In its case, the chakra requires soothing to restore a normal balance of energy.

Don't worry though, healing is about achieving balance and it doesn't need to be complicated or difficult.

Here's three easy and beautiful things you can do to restore a healthy energy flow to this chakra:

1) And it was allll yellow.... Surround yourself with yellow and gold things. Eat nourishing warming foods - ginger, turmeric, chilli, garlic and onions are all good here. Seek out yellow foods - eggs, yellow capsicums, cheeses, button squash etc. Essential oils of Lemon, Chamomile, Geranium and Rosemary all support this chakra uplifting the emotions, and bringing clarity to the mind. Buy yourself gorgeous yellow flowers, decorate your living spaces with golden things...

2) Use healing jewellery and crystals to affirm your intention to heal. Wearing jewellery on your body is a great way to keep your particular health goal in the front of your mind as you go about each day. Each time you notice your ring, or someone comments on your pendant, it can act as a reminder to go get another cup of Ginger tea, or dab some chamomile on your wrists and breathe deep into your Solar Plexus centre.

Crystals that speak to the Solar Plexus include Golden Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Yellow Tiger’s eye, Topaz, Yellow Calcite.


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3) Develop real confidence through continuous learning. Quiet confidence is the best kind and it comes from knowing that you're capable of learning and rising to meet a challenge. It also comes from understanding and accepting that if you make a mistake or even fail, it's just another lesson, another tool in your kit bag of being a mature and well-rounded person. Never stop learning, say yes to challenges and opportunities, take steps out of your comfort zone no matter how small. It's the best way to build genuine and lasting self-confidence.

So there you go, plenty of ideas to inspire you into action in support of a healthy Solar Plexus chakra. Which one are you most called to start doing? Drop a comment below, I'd love to hear how you go :)



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