Healing crystal jewellery

Luminous jewellery is personal, meaningful and backed by science and intuition to invite you into regularly honouring your goals.

No guilt. No drama. No buzzing reminders.


Just daily steps in the right direction.


Do you struggle to stick with healthy habits?

I know what it's like to feel you're just 'not that kind of person'.

But what if all you need is the right kind of motivation?

What we focus on becomes reality

When you focus on a goal and act your brain changes to recognise new opportunities that you would not have noticed previously.


Scientists and spiritualists alike call it manifesting and it's a positive feedback loop you want a part of! 


Want more of the science?  I love British Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart's book, The Source  

How does intentional jewellery work? 

Decide on a self-care priority or intention - check out our quiz if you're stuck!


Choose a piece that resonates with your chosen intention or goal


Connect jewellery & intention with our gorgeous guided process


Notice a positive feedback loop of healthy action starting to develop  


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Customer Love

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Thank you so very much for the thoughtfulness, time and care you put into creating this beautiful set - I absolutely love, love, LOVE it and I know Mum will too. I'm so pleased that you agreed to take on this job and that you have been able to make us something so stunning and so special.  Really grateful, really impressed and really happy - thank you.


Wow. Never had an experience like this.


Beautiful jewellery, amazing presentation, very prompt and above all else a truly special piece from an up and coming designer with talent. Thank you so much


I absolutely adore my new necklace from Luminous Design - the craftsmanship is fabulous and it looked even better in real life than in the photos!! Postage was as quick as can be! Sandy is also just an all round fantastic human!! Thank you!!!


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