Verb 10

by Stephanie E.A Bletsas

In 2018 I was honoured to cooperate for mutual benefit with the lovely Stephanie Bletsas. Steph owns an Etsy store devoted to her beautiful art work - from illustrations to fibre art including wearables and luxurious display pieces. Steph created this hand and digitally illustrated beauty, and also wrote a poignant blog post for me about the power of jewellery to evoke memory and meaning. 


Connect with Steph's beautiful work: Pinterest, ETSY and Instagram 

Lisa McLinden Art

In 2018 I had the honour of making an abstract art medallion ring for Canadian abstract landscape artist, Lisa McLinden who creates the most elegant atmospheric paintings inspired by the Canadian landscape. Lisa has a working studio in Ontario, and also mentors up and coming artists. 


The design of this Ring, which I called The Unfolding, is intended to reflect some of her favourite things in nature, the buckling folding effect seen in rock formations, and the swirling bubbling nature of water. 

Connect with Lisa's serene creations on her Website; Instagram, and Pinterest

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