How to make gorgeous jewellery using silver metal clay

Honestly, making jewellery out of clay sounds easy. Surely you just roll some clay out, scratch in some details, bake it and BOOM! Right? It almost can be that simple, and that's kind of the beauty of metal clay! But often there's a fair bit more work involved. This time I'm going to show you exactly how I make something pretty from a dull lump of clay! You'd remember from last time that metal clay is metal atoms mixed with an organic binder. There are loads of clays on the market now, including bronze, copper and even gold. Each handles a little differently and needs different firing conditions so it's fun to experiment. My go-to is Precious Metal Clay (PMC) Flex. Its 99.9% pure silver so i

Shimmering shining silver

Okay, it's very possible that I love silver a bit more than what's 'normal'. But I'm willing to bet that whether you’re a silver person or a gold person - or you don't wear jewellery at all - there are still some facts about this shiny white metal that will make you go ‘oooh’! For instance, did you know that a single ounce of silver, about 28 grams, can be drawn into wire that is 2.438 km long (or 8,000 feet)?? That's a decent run... (ha - well it is for me!) Silver is the backbone of Luminous Design Store and it’s literally all around us every day. I reckon there are bits of it lurking around you at this very moment... (where's your smart phone?) But how much does the average person know ab

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