About the Artist

The line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man. 

- Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

Do you feel like life moves too quickly? Do you need help staying connected to your personal goals and what really matters in life? These are just a few reasons why I do what I do.


I create symbolic artwork from metal and stone to inspire, encourage reflection, and help you stay connected to personal goals. 

Silversmith and one woman show, I was born and raised in West Australia but now call the East Coast home. As a girl I would pore over my Dad's geology books, fascinated by the richness of pure gold, the skill of ancient metalsmiths and natural crystal structures. I'd linger on each page, imagining what royal treasures I would choose, if I could. I would clean the engagement rings of the women in my family for the pleasure of handling precious metals and stones, and still have a collection of tiny rough garnets that I picked out of schist rock at the beach with bare hands!


I took silversmithing classes in high school but university options were limited in country West Australia then, so I followed a scholarship to study History, English Literature and Politics at university on the other side of the country. This opened the door to a series of rewarding opportunities for which I am profoundly grateful.

I presumed jewellery making was basically beyond grasp until I discovered precious metal clay in 2012 and realised I could make basic pieces without the full range of equipment. I quickly came up against design limitations however and was faced with a decision to let it go or invest in tools and skills. In the electric calm before a summer storm I decided I would live the way I hope my daughters will - balancing 'adulting' with the pursuit of passion. 

As both an intuitive and analytical thinker I move between the two domains of being while never entirely belonging to either. This duality has defined my life from my earliest memories. Luminous designs are a reflection with my fascination with the the interplay of competing and complementary tensions - thinking versus feeling; lightness and darkness; hot versus cold, planning versus improvising. These concepts swirl through me, inspiring my craft, and in my Canberran studio I hand-forge pieces of wearable symbolism from metal and stone.



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