Do you ever feel like life moves too quickly? Like you pour so much into work and into helping other people that you end up neglecting your own needs

Luminous Design is dedicated to creating grounding, wearable art from recycled precious metals to inspire you to regularly do the little things you know will make you feel better.

Each piece is infused with meaning from the choice of crystal, to the shapes and symbols cut out of the reverse.


You choose a piece that calls to you and suits your personal intention or goal. Each time you put on your jewellery, or become aware of it during the day you'll be invited to take whatever action you intended - be it to drink more water; move your body; get outside at lunch or call your Mum.


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Artist's Statement

Metal artist and one woman show, I was raised in West Australia but now call the East home. As a girl I would pore over my Dad's geology books, fascinated by the richness of pure gold, the skill of ancient metalsmiths and complexities of crystal structures. Lingering on each page, I'd imagine which treasures I would choose for myself. I'd clean my aunties' engagement rings for the pleasure of handling them and still have some tiny raw garnets that I picked out of rock on a West coast beach with my nails!


I studied silversmithing in high school but followed a scholarship to study History, Literature and Politics on the other side of the country. This led to rewarding career opportunities for which I am profoundly grateful. But the creative question at my core went unanswered. I tried beading, pottery and cake decorating, but they didn't scratch the itch.

I presumed jewellery making was beyond me until I discovered Precious Metal Clay in 2012 and realised I could make basic pieces without the full range of equipment. I quickly came up against design limitations however and had to choose - let it go or go all in. In the electric calm before a summer storm I decided I would live the way I hope my kids will - balancing 'adulting' with the pursuit of my childhood passion. 

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As both an intuitive and analytical thinker I move between the two domains while never entirely belonging to either. This duality has defined my life, and my artistic expression, from my earliest memories. Luminous designs are a reflection with my fascination with the the interplay of competing and complementary tensions - thinking versus feeling; lightness and darkness; hot versus cold, planning versus improvising. These concepts swirl through me, inspiring my craft and my own path towards discovery and healing. In my Canberran workshop I hand-forge unique wearable art infused with positive, supportive energy with the intention to help others on their own journey of self discovery and growth.